The idea for Slayer was conceived by 2 guys on a long night driving on countless back roads talking about anything we could think of just to keep the night from ending.

Ben had a Jeep Wrangler and wanted to spice it up by adding accessories, all of which were too expensive for either of us to afford, and Mason was tired of navigating the corporate jungle and was itching to use his design skills on something that could benefit everyday people, and not just the company’s bottom line. After a few cold beverages and a lot of talk about the “Grand Scheme”, Ben and Mason had a napkin with a ton of bullet points that would eventually become Slayer’s portfolio and mission. The next morning after a few aspirin, and after scrubbing the napkin to scratch out the few inconceivable bullet points that managed to make the list, Ben and Mason decided maybe they should build a couple of bumpers just to make sure they could actually do what each was so confidently proclaiming the night before. After several hundred hours of design and another couple hundred hours of trial and error in the machine shop, AKA Bens dads barn, and relying only on self-taught metal fabrication and some old fashioned country know-how, Ben and Mason successfully completed the first two bumpers…The Ripper and The General! Slayer was officially BORN!!!

   Slayer is based in the Texas Hill Country, about an hour outside of Austin, and all of our products are designed and fabricated in the Great State of Texas. Our mission has not deviated from what was written on the napkin that night; we at Slayer Custom Designs and Fabrication strive to create the highest quality products on the market while keeping it affordable for the people who actually want to buy them. We are not here to design a few products and find the highest bidder, we are doing this because we love the outdoors, we love the Jeep culture and we want to find a way to make a living doing what we love.


As touched on above, Mason is a Professional Design Engineer who worked for a large corporate outfit. He has led some huge projects ranging from designing the automation for the MacPro factory in Austin, the Samsung Smart Watch in California, a couple of Nike factories around the world, etc., but he is 100% a Texas country boy who was eager to escape the rat race called Corporate Engineering and get back to his roots. He is the lead Designer for all products that Slayer releases, does his best to keep the business structured in the eyes of Uncle Sam, and also makes sure the fridge in the shop always has beer in it.


Ben is a good ole boy who loves nothing more than being outdoors shooting his guns and climbing over things with his Jeep. He also has a deep love for working out, taking his dog, Chief, hunting and also making sure Mason is busy refilling the fridge in the shop! Ben is definitely the life of the party and could sell water to a faucet.