Custom Work

Here at Slayer, we take pride in designing unique, durable accessories that look fantastic on your Jeep and are affordable for the people who want to buy them. With that being said, if you have an idea that is not currently offered in our portfolio, let us know and we would be happy to collaboratively design a custom product that fits you and your off-road vehicle perfectly. This is not limited to only bumpers. We are currently designing and beta testing fenders, mounts, racks, roll cages, etc, etc, etc. so whatever you could want is within our wheelhouse.


The next stop on our product expansion is the truck world, however if you have a truck that needs the Slayer touch NOW, then let us know and we will make the leap into that market head first with you even earlier than expected.

The bottom line is we love designing, and our favorite things to design are the things that make your off-road vehicle BAD-ASS! We don’t care if it is currently offered in our portfolio or if it is custom for you. We want to design it, and we want to build it.


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