The Deuce


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Staying true to our mission, we are so pleased to introduce The Deuce, possibly the most durable, most inexpensive, back bumper on the planet. 

The Deuce is a frame cap / full back bumper hybrid. The main plate is cut from a whopping 3/8″ steel plate which will stop bullets from most rifles, the mounts are made of 1/2″ steel plate, and the entire assembly is powder coated with industrial strength powder. What sets this frame cap apart from its competitors, other than the price, is the fact that although its main plate goes from frame to frame is tucked snug up against it, it has a full bodied top along with a tire cut out that is common to full bodied back bumpers, but not so common amount traditional frame caps.

This bumper gives you 1″ D-rings, MASSIVE 1″ grade 8 mounting bolts, industrial strength powder coat, and is tucked nicely to the frame to ensure you have maximum clearance while on the trails. We came here to provide you with the highest quality bumpers on the market, and at a price that you can afford. Check and Check!