The Patriot


Just as you might think, this bumper is lean and strong. It is only 60” long, but is made of 3/16” steel, welded very carefully at every seam, most of which remain visible so you can see the craftsmanship, and its geometry bends ever so slightly to match the contour of the back of the Jeep. The Patriot comes stock with 1” D-rings, cutouts and brackets for LED’s, and has an extra thick layer of powder coat for improved durability. This bumper provides more than enough protection while allowing enough clearance not to get in the way.

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The Patriot has always been just as he sounds; lean, strong but always the gentleman. Even during high school he was a star football player and top 10% of his class who had any girl that he wanted and a full ride to the college of his choice. A few months before The Patriot graduated high school that faithful day happened which turned the whole world on its head…9/11. Even though most of his friends went on to college and carried on with their lives, The Patriot just couldn’t. Instead he ripped up the sckolerships and enlisted into the U.S. Military where he no more than graduated from basic before he was sent to Afganistan.


If being deployed at such a young age wasn’t bad enough, about 2 years in The Patriot was placed in the Korengal Valley, which at the time was the deadliest place on earth. Most days they got into a fire fight, and a few times a week they would have patrols down the mountain side. After a few days without a fire fight they got suspicious and went on a patrol to see what the Taliban might be up to. Half way down the mountain they found out quickly when the they ran into an ambush. They quickly took cover but not before 2 of them took bullets to the legs. The enemy fire was blazing but The Patriot ran down the trail, put them both on his back and carried them up the hill. His radio had already called for a Medavac, but due to heavy fire The Patriot couldn’t get to the evac point. Instead of giving up he took a different trail that lead to the summit of the hill, stood on a rock amidst enemy fire, took out his American flag bandana and waved it high until the Medavac spotted him. Because of The Patriot the 2 wounded soldiers survived this fire fight, but unfortunately The Patriot did not. While waving that flag he was shot 7 times, one of which wounded him fatally.


 Just as you might think, this bumper is lean and strong. It is only 60” long, but is made of 1/8” steel, welded very carefully at each seam and easily integrates with a tire rack. The Patriot will come stock with 1” D-rings, cutouts and brackets for LEDs, a hidden cutout for tire rack integration, and a double layer of powder coat to improve its durability.